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Fuchs Wheel Restoration

Fuchs Restoration


    Fuchs Wheel Restoration Service

    Factory Original Quality

    Factory Original Clear Anodizing & Paint 

    Black centers, anodized lips 

    RSR Finish

    Custom Paint and Polish


    Repairs include bends, welding of gouges, curb rash & cracks using "melts from original Fuchs Wheels"

      Note: With any welding of wheels, whether previously repaired by us or another shop there will be a slight discoloration after restoration. Special note, there can be some shading or discoloration on exposed paddles due to the metallurgy of the wheel. This is not caused by Fuchs restoration but is a part of the metallurgy, thus we are not responsible. 


    Normal Turn Around (4-6 weeks)

    Please don't confuse fast turn around with poor quality

    The wheels never leave our factory hence the fast turn around time

    Very High Quality Anodizing Process

    Wheels Straightened on state of the art CNC Machine

    Paint is hand finished and mixed to match NOS Fuchs wheels from "back in the day".   We match NOS wheels very carefully.


    1. Pack up wheels (see instructions below)

    2. Print and enclose Order Form in each box

    3. Ship FedEx Ground or UPS ground 

    4. In 4-6 weeks we will send you an email with invoice.  You can pay with PayPal , Zelle or send a check


    Some Of The Fuchs Restorations We've Completed

    Our work




    Ed McNamee has been racing and wrenching on Ferraris and Porsche for more than 30 years.  

    *We provide service in Southern California
    *No more waiting 1-2 years (or longer) to get your wheels restored.    

    *No more thin anodizing

    *Receive your finished wheels in 4-6 weeks or sooner

    *We answer and return phone calls and emails the same day.
    *Very High Quality restoration w/ State of the art equipment

    *Email us for special sizes and/or damaged wheel inquiries

    *Demand for the RSR finish has never let up and we continue to offer this service. 

    *All our prices include repairing average curb rash damage at no extra charge
     each to restore caps(anodized or black)

    *$40 for RSR

    *We can restore bent and/or badly damaged wheels ...see the 930 Turbo wheel before and after photos in the photo section

    We offer chrome and powder coat stripping ($90ea) from your wheels and bring them back to factory finish. 

    *Deep gouges, bent/damaged wheels may be slightly higher in price.  If the wheel needs welding we use melts from factory Fuchs wheels.  Note: When repairing with a melt there will be a slight discoloring where we welded.


    *Restoration of Fuchs wheels include the refinishing of the outer surface and cleaning of the barrel. To preserve ink stamps and thin numbers on inner surface we leave them as we receive them unless you opt for cleaning or detailing.  (See Order Form)


    If you opt to service the backs and barrels please check the box.  There is a $75 charge per wheel for this service.  Backs are pressure washed and painted. We do not restore and repair the back as we do the face of the wheel.  Part numbers will not be harmed.

    Our refinishing quality, response time, and customer service will not disappoint you. 


    We can restore, polish, and anodize  special sizes on other Porsche wheels. 

    Please give us a call if you are looking for wheels to complete your project.

                          (949) 632-4559Cell/Text  




    If your wheels have curb rash, discoloration, dents or scratches we restore them back to factory finish as long as they do not have poorly done welding or have been repaired in the past. We have restored 1000's of wheels and have the knowledge and experience to get your wheels looking like new again using factory excellence as our guide.  Our wheels are on many RSR cars, Concours show cars, Race Cars, and daily drivers around the world. 

    You can ship your wheels at the address below.  CLICK ON THE "ORDER FORM" on this website and send one in each box.  This allows us to track your wheels in house and gives you a chance to write down exactly what you want.

    Ed McNamee


    16011 Hope St.

    Silverado CA 92676

    (949) 632-4559

    Please note, any wheels left over 90 days becomes the property of Fuchs Restoration.

    Boxes can be found at Home Depot, Lowes or U-Haul stores.  Their 20x20x10 box provides the necessary size with room for 1 wheel and packing material on 4 sides. We recommend putting in a maximum of 2 wheels per box and shipping two or three boxes. If two wheels are going in a box then buy the 20x20x20 box. When packing place a sleeve of scrap cardboard (a 2nd layer) between the wheel rim and the box.  

    Contact us with any questions or send photos with special requests to receive a quote. We can restore wheels with bad bends and gouges as long as we can return a wheel back to you that is safe on the highway.  If the wheel has a crack or gouge and we have to use melt over a previously repaired wheel the color may be off a shade.  This is usually not very noticeable once the wheels are mounted. If you feel this is unacceptable you may consider the "frosted" (slightly textured) RSR finish.

     • Date stamps, markings, part numbers, and Fuchs Foxes etc will be preserved throughout the process. Unless you want the backs serviced.  In that case we cannot be responsible for ink stamps. Other stamps will not be damaged.

     • Minor imperfections such as small dents, curb rashes and scratches will be repaired

    during the refurbishing process at no up-charge. 
    • Wheels will be returned via UPS Ground, FedEx Ground depending on your location. Wheel delivery shipments will always be insured throughout transportation with signature required for delivery.


    • We provide valve stems (highly 

    recommended) for $4 each and $6 for Deep Heart Sixes or other deep wheels. The deep wheel stems can be hard to find in some areas. We also carry metal stems for $8.

    Caps are very thin and any bad gouges, scuffs or paint may still be present after anodizing.  WE CANNOT POLISH DOWN CAPS TO REMOVE DAMAGE AS WE CAN ON DAMAGED WHEELS.  If the cap is damaged we recommend replacing it. We are not equipped to restore the painted emblem on caps. We sell factory original caps (early 3 prong and ring) for $250 the set of 4 or $62.50 each.    






    Ed McNamee

    Fuchs Restoration

    16011 Hope St.

    Silverado, CA 92676

    (949) 632-4559


    Wheels only no tires or lug nuts.

    Thank you


    By Appointment  

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