Fuchs Restoration Services  Pricing


Below pricing includes nominal curb rash.  If a curb rash is bad enough to need a small weld repair (material missing) there may be a modest repair charge

Any Size Anodized, w/Exposed Paddles or Black Centers   $295                                   


RSR Finish Any Size   $325


993 Turbo Twists Painted Front and Back  $295

993 Turbo Twists Anodized $295

Mahle Gas Burners w contrasting paint centers $295

914 Factory Anodizing  $295

914 RSR Anodizing $325

964 D90 Wheels : Painted  $250   Anodized  $295


Bad Bends  Approx  $125

Minor Bends Approx $50 to $75

Gouges  Approx $25 - $50

Chrome Removal $75 to $90/per wheel

 Paint and Polish and Stems

Painted or Powder Coat Wheels $250

Gas Burner Mahle Wheels Paint or Powder Coat $250

Caps $30 (Cannot repair badly damaged caps due to thinness of material)

Polish and Paint Fuchs  $185 (Polished but still hand painted)

Valve Stems  Reg. $4   

Deeps and 7R stems $6   

Metal   $8 (Metal stems will not fit deep 6 or 7R wheels)

Old surfaces are removed at no extra charge with exception of Powder Coatings and Chrome.  Removal of these is $75 to $90/wheel


We sell factory original caps that have been anodized not painted for $250/set of 4  (Available individually for 1/4 of price each)

Wheel Finish: Summary of Choices

(See Order Form for further explanation and photos)

A.  Factory Anodizing w/Exposed Paddles and outer rim (65-        73 long hoods) 

B.  Factory Anodizing-outer rim with Black Centers (Most G -        body cars 74 and up)

C.  RSR Anodizing w/Exposed Paddles and outer rim – Black        background

D.  RSR Anodizing-outer rim with Black Centers

E.  Polished w/Exposed Paddles and outer rim

F.  Polished-outer rim with Black Centers

Please note: Any previous repairs done poorly or current extensive damage requiring welding may show some fogging on the new anodizing.

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